About us

About us



Manuel Marín Anaya, born in Marbella,  has trained in several restaurant of the spanish cuisine and is specialized in meat and fish menu, then his passion for cooking will surprise the diners. The chef offers traditional and creative lunch based on the idea to respect the quality product that let client enjoy a delicious flavor in his palate. In addition, the striking views from LaKala Beach make his visit an unique experience.

The terrace

Enjoying with five senses

Mediterranean sea is our inspiration. Therefore, we have placed just in the same distant line where sky and sea are mixed. At the terrace, you can feel the sounds, colors and lights the environment surrounds you, always together our great barman. At LaKala Beach we suggest you something that just a few places can offer: seasoning your meal with the sea breeze. At LaKala Beach terrace, ready for 60 diners, sea is always the third attendant, where lies our essence.

Capacity for 60 people

Preciosa terraza en el restaurante LaKala Beach en Mijas costa

Salón comedor de LaKala Beach Mijas


The restaurant

the heart of LaKala

A captivating hood make our living room a special place where delight clients with our best plates, letting them enjoy all the comforts and the fabuolous views of the sea. The living room becomes the authentic hearth of LaKala Beach, willing to show people the best from our house and opened to those one who wants to know LaKala Beach.

Capacity for 22 people.

The balconies

the best ingredients

If you love being at first beach line but in the privacy, this area is tailor made for you. Come in and choose you balcony to have a good day together your friends to join LaKala Beach style: good habits, best company, tasty meal, fresh cocktails and the mediterranean sea.

Capacity for 80 people

Balcones del restaurante LaKala Beach